The Behind the Scenes Creature is a Project created by James (Jamie) Clark. It is an attempt to capture glimpses of a fleeting creative spark as I work my way though the Screen Industries. You'll find my interests, observations and insights into what makes me tick and how I apply myself to my work!

Currently, my initiative has led me to work with ITV and BBC on large-scale Entertainment TV shows. My video-editing has allowed my work to be featured as apart of the Estorick Museum. My enthusiasm for filming has allowed me to work on countless short-films and music videos. And I hope to continue a long and varied career throughout Film and TV, developing and proving my skills along the way. I am invaluable, let me show you.

If you're interested in seeing How I Work and How I Will Best Suit Your Team, then check out my Blog Post about my Behavioural Profile! It's a scientific insight into how I work, both independently and within a team! It's a great read and well worth diving into!