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Don't Give Up! Keep Applying!

When applying for Jobs in the Screen Industries it is very common and advised to 'Apply and Forget'. You'll be sending out so many emails and attempting to make so many connections that it isn't worth clinging onto a job posting, no matter how amazing it may seem!

Well, over the last 6 months I had a delightfully masochistic idea. I'll jot down every time I applied for a job within the Screen Industries and see how far I get each time!


'What a great idea!' I thought.

'What a depressing exercise' I exclaimed as I filtered my data.

James Clark Floor Runner - Applications Sent
100 Applications Sent. 97 Rejected. 3 Successful

Here you'll find a neat little diagram that exemplifies the last 100 times I have fished for a job in the Screen Industries. My main goal was to find an Entry-Level Runners position in TV, subsequently you'll find the majority of my efforts were split between formal applications on Job Boards such as The Talent Manager, TheTCN, Production Hive and a few others, whilst also hunting for individuals personal/ work emails to enquire about a job (something I'd advise to do very tactfully and with a light touch).

I've had to take some creative liberties with the data in order to keep it streamlined and simple enough to read. Most jobs that fall through or you get ignored, simple as. However I've had a few that have kept my hopes high before being cancelled, or bait and switched or I've gotten to further stages before being rejected. All of this is messy to plot out, but I'd be more than happy to explain any of my plottings in more detail if asked.

Interestingly enough, the only times I have found myself to be successful is the classic 'who you know' method. It's unjust and frustrating, but it's also a gamble. Every time you apply for a job, see it as a lottery ticket. Fortunately, job applications are free (Looking at you Mandy, MFJIF, StarNow and ProducitonBase), so every time you send off an application, see it as a lotto ticket, now see it as getting 10 lotto tickets, now 25, 50, 100! Every time you send one off, your chances of winning the lotto increase.

The main point of all of this is to say keep going, your numbers will come up one day! It's a pain in the arse, it's not fair and it's pretty much begging. But, you only lose when you quit.

One Day, I'll Get There. I'll Make Sure To Tell You When I Do.

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