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How I Work Best: My C-me Colour Profile

Over the last year, I have taken the time to invest in myself. Really reflect and focus on what I want and understand where I best fit within my career. I know my strengths and weaknesses, but I find it hard to summarise, especially in given situations.

Recently, I've been fortunate enough to complete a C-me Colour Profile. A psychometric evaluation of how I behave in the workplace. What I am good at, the strategies I employ to finish tasks, how I work in a team and so on.

It's weird. I've never quite trusted algorithms to define an individual. Nor should you in it's entirety. Yet, after completing my C-me Colour Profile, I came away surprised at its accuracy and grateful for the insight it has given me.

The Breakdown

C-me is a company that helps identify peoples behaviours in the workplace. It's for learning and development, often used within teams to help understand each other better.

The science used within the algorithms stand on the shoulders of Carl Jung's Psychological Types (1923) and The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (1962). The MBTI offers a psychometric questionnaire to measure preferences on how we see the world and evaluates how we make decisions.

C-me recognises The MBTI as being the most widely used and research Personality test in the world, however deviates from binary categories and instead uses a colour-wheel. On top of this, C-me identifies behaviours instead of personalities, as behaviour traits are more tangible, less restrictive to change and ultimately coachable.

So This Is Me

I'm a proud Green with a leaning towards Blue. So what the Hell does that mean?

It means I have a very reflective behaviour. I have a strong sense of duty, I'm supportive and respectful to others. I may come across as standoffish and introverted, but this is due to the high standards I hold myself to and my strive for perfection. I naturally work with my colleagues in mind, I aim to please and I democratically proceed with a sense of fairness.

My plotting means I am capable of flexing my behaviours in the workplace to suit certain scenarios, and where needed I am capable of stepping outside of stressful situations to logically evaluate tasks at hand and choose the best approach. It mentions that I will find comfort in situations that avoid conflict and keep all parties happy, but will argue my processes with a high degree of forethought.

As you can see, my natural behavioural choices lead me towards the Blue category. Meaning I find comfort in Logic, Problem Solving and keeping Realistic to tasks at hand. Yet my Adapted Behaviour (the behaviours I will apply to situations outside of my day-to-day life) shows a great increase in the Red category, which is commonly associated with Extraversion, Leadership, Confidence and Optimism.


Here I Paraphrase my overview written to me by C-me:

(Think of this as a Testimonial)

James is a valued colleague, balancing people and task issues and implementing processes to keep track of everything. James provides his best work in a co-operative environment. He has excellent organisational skills and will usually just get on with the job. If the problem requires patience and persistence, James is your man. He is able to pull together disparate views and propose solutions acceptable to all. James is normally reserved; his thoughts and feelings will not be shared with colleagues unless he is sure they're on the same wavelength. Taking a quiet, sincere, low key approach is the best way to gain his support.

James is loyal, conscientious and works well in a supporting wall; he doesn't feel the need to be in the spotlight. He is modest, warm and reserved. Through colleagues really value his role in the team; he occasionally has doubts about his own abilities. He is keen to follow through on existing projects before embarking new ones. As he gets to know the team. he can be a stabilising influence and often provides the process for others to carry out their tasks. His colleagues see his as dependable and consistent. James responds well to support from his colleagues.

James' instinct is to pause and consider the implications before implementing decisions. Processes, organisation and structure can, on occasion, govern his work life. The current task will keep his attention and he is unlikely to get distracted until he has finished the job. Sometimes, he should trust his ability to make a decision and move forward with confidence. He may take time to get to know but will be a trustworthy friend if you make the effort. Though he appears as reticent to others; it may be that he is internally debating before expressing his views. He will follow through with his promises and be systematic in his approach. In addition, he is quiet, conscientious and usually happiest following the processes designed for the job.

Additional Information

C-me really does give a great overview with a ton of information. A good majority of which is accurate, both good and bad. Below I will condense a huge portion of the insight the behavioural test offered.

Resilient Strengths:

  • Works Late Until the Job is Done.

  • Patient and Steady

  • Strives for Perfection

Team Contribution

  • Reflects Before Offering Feedback or Criticism

  • Won't Let the Team Rush Important Decisions

  • Keeps the Team to the Agreed Process

Role Agility/ Enabling Engagement

  • Enjoys Creating Structure Out of Chaos as he Makes Progress Towards the Goal

  • Careful to Only Offer Commitment that can be Realistically Delivered

  • Brings Structure and Responsibility into the Role

The Room for Improvement

Obviously, everyone has their own way of completing tasks, and some may offer better approaches than others. My Green/ Blue approach may not be ideal for high risk situations, I may get frustrated when I don't understand the value of a process. C-me has provided an overview of my Blind-Spots that I will paraphrase.

James may seem inflexible with his detailed questioning of every aspect of the change process. There may be great opportunities all around; he may miss out by constantly seeking the safe option. He may feel unappreciated because more vocal and self-promoting colleagues receive the praise. The admirable gifts that he brings to the team can be seen as weaknesses by more extraverted colleagues. Sometimes he avoids the opportunity to step into the limelight or to speak up. People can find him difficult to read and they would appreciate some help from James to get to know him. Though he is happy to work alone, he needs to take care not to be isolated from other team members.

James could benefit from taking more risks; getting all the facts and figures will not necessarily improve the outcome. Articulating his thoughts as they come into his mind is not his style; practising may help him appreciate those that do. He may stick to the old ways of doing things because he wasn't consulted on the value of upgrades. He may have spent so long getting his thoughts into the right order that he missed the chance to contribute. A heated discussion may help reach a consensus and it is not always necessary to be avoided.

Development Areas:

  • Wants Consensus Before Decisions are Made

  • Reluctant to Voice Negative Views Except in Private

  • May Become Over-loaded with Work

Final Thoughts

Firstly, thank you for making it this far. Even skim-reading. There's a ton of information here and that's the condensed version! People are complex, who'd have thought?!

Ultimately, I think the profile is accurate of me, warts and all! I will always strive my best to finish tasks at the incredibly high standard I put myself at. For better or for worse. I may seem introverted and slow-to-warm, but that is simply my way of expressing my best self, and it is evident my entire demeanour revolves empathetically towards the team, fairness and getting the best result for everyone.

I will be the first to show up and the last to leave, acting as the pillar of a team, implementing structure for tasks at hand and will allow everyones voice to be heard.

That is me. I enjoy that. I am able to adapt, but by foundational values will always affect my behaviours. Hopefully you'll find I'm a perfect fit within a team, you'll certainly find value in what I am able to bring.

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