• Jamie Clark

Outfits to Take Out Of Lockdown!

I promise. I'll make a better format of this one day. For now, here's my latest mock-up.

I can't wait for the day I no-longer 'enjoy' dressing up to get groceries.

Kitsune x Ader, Carhartt Cords, Jordan 1 UNC

Here's a cheeky little mock-up of what I enjoy wearing around the house because we can't leave just yet. But soon!

The focus of this outfit is to find complimentary colours and themes. The Maison Kitsune x Ader Error jumper comes from the 2017 collaboration with it's main theme being 'The Bluest Fox', combining the adorable Japanese Kitsune with Ader's South-Korean flair.

What's better than to combine the Bluest Fox with the Bluest Jordan 1's. The Jordan 1 University Blue (UNC) is already crowned my 2021 Shoe of The Year. The Blue is eye-catching and exemplifies the spirit of the former collab.

To round it out I have to include the ever-stylish Carhartt Pants, Corduroy to keep in theme with the homely comfort of a knitted sweater, complimenting its warm neutral tone whilst contrasting the Blue of the shoes. Luckily opposites attract.

A shirt peeks though the jumper to add layers around the collar, this is optional as I found throughout the day the collar would separate more and more, leaving me with a distinctive Sylvester Stallone 1970's vibe, which isn't quite what I'm going for.

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