• Jamie Clark

Outfits to Take Out of Lockdown 2!

I know, I know... It's been a while since I've posted. There is plenty of things cooking and I've been up to my neck in workflow. But it's time to focus on the blog, once again!

This outfit focuses on the Fair nature of the products I'm wearing. Mainly, the shoes! The New Balance 327 'Un-dyed' were made completely carbon neutral, including undyed suede (saving water), cork insoles and hemp side panels. The only thing I wish more, is that the 327's were made in the UK, USA or even the EU, but unfortunately not - Made in China...

As for the rest of the fit, the trousers are Uniqlo and compliment the Boxy (Square) portion of this outfit. The straight leg and clear lines accentuate the square fit of the Carhartt tee, which is nice and heavy, dropping on my shoulders and allowing me to tuck the hem for that perfect line across the waist.

The colours are a calming neutral at the bottom, creams, gum, and a hints of blue. This compliments the vibrant yellow of the Top half, allowing the tee to pop without being too harsh on the eyes! The lack of overt branding is definitely a staple of my style, whilst the bright colours make up for the eye-catching uniqueness that I'm trying to capture.

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