• Jamie Clark

Virtual Photography: My Journey Through Gotham

Well Damn. I've been stuck inside too long and exhausted my surroundings. There's nothing in my Government mandated 2 mile radius that inspires me anymore (well there probably is, I'm just too lazy to hunt for a lovely photo).

Instead, I've overindulged on Video Games like many during this lockdown and luckily I've been able to scratch that creative itch!

Now Games are great! But, you know what's better?

Photo Mode.

Yup. Photo Mode in Video Games opens up an entirely new hunt in the open-world and god-damn is it satisfying to get that larger-than-life shot, created organically and captured in the most obscure of ways.

So I jumped into Batman: Arkham Knight (2015) and explored around Gotham. Now none of these shots are scripted. They're orchestrated by the Player (Me!) and captured with a tethered camera.

Ironically, I only captured one shot of the titular main character. The atmosphere is so much more engaging! A Photographers Paradise! The Gallery is below, flick through and let me know your favourite!

Well that's all for now. I managed to snap around 200 photos during my time in a Virtual Gotham. But, for now, these sum up my time. Dark, Dense and Dynamic. Sounds about right.

I hope to continue my Virtual Photography collection.

Perhaps I'll try Red Dead Redemption II. Let me know of any other great games with a Photo Mode!

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